Vision Statement

To liberate Louisiana and this Nation of its out-of-date Left/Right paradigm that has been rendered inefficient and polarizes this nation's citizens – making politics a standoffish subject, further separating us instead of coming together.


To usher in this new party that thinks and operates outside of this polarizing red/blue threshold that is efficient at introducing, passing and implementing its constituent's goals, a party that represents the people's needs and wants, not that of corporation's best interests which is the current state of affairs.

To take back control of the central bank that is not owned by the federal government and loans money to our nation at interest.


To introduce NESARA then GESARA and reintroduce JFK's silver backed dollar. (Link to NESARA/GESARA Act and News) (Informative YouTube Video on NESARA)

To prevent the onset of a cashless society.

To support the cancer free spacefaring society that has been under arrested development for some time now.


To eliminate coal, oil, and gas when we have the technology to transfer energy freely and cleanly that will allow the opportunity for everyone to participate in trading in outer space, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the economy.


To stop the suppression of holistic, vibrational, natural and Eastern style medical cures and lift the ban on importation of devices that heal and cure better than the current Big Pharma owned treatments.


To encourage the manufacturing of suppressed technologies for disease cures and free energy. Revisit Tesla technology, torsion fields, red mercury, electromagnetic and antigravitic energy production, just to name a few, allowing us to reduce pollution and increase efficiency of travel.


To raise awareness and look into underground labs like Dulce New Mexico and S4 Area 51 Nevada. Why is the government protecting this so ruthlessly?

The government never plans to let us free from these “pandemics”. 


The government is suppressing innovation to protect the profit of large corporations, particularly in fields of energy and medicine.


The government is pushing on us chemicals, fluoridated water, and vaccines that are Trojan horses to reduce fertility and lower IQ.

My vision is to stop harmful effects of our government on the people of our nation and promote freedom on a higher level than ever before.